Monday, October 11, 2010

Coming together

I was going to wait until i had progressed a little more, but problems keep arising, so mine as well throw some pics up of whats been done so far. My buddy dallas came out and helped me and my friends put my coilovers on, which went waaay more flawlessly than i had imagined. And we put my new rims on! which..dont have the greatest fitment, but whatever. Need to get 25mm spacers for the fronts. Already have 25mm on the back. they are poking quite a bit, and i quite like it, so it will probably stay that way aha. Car is only a little lower, waiting until i get my fenders rolled to lower it more. The exhaust is off the car right now, but due to rusty bolts snapping and breaking my sockets, I will have to wait until i can get some help drilling the screws out, before i can install my new exhaust. Then the body kit will go on, and i will begin saving up for an engine swap! Anyways, heres some pics!
My car and my buddies just after doin some work

Rear wheel fitment

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Excitement !

So yeah, haven't updated in a looonngg while. Mainly due to a lack of having anything to writeabout, but the last couple weeks have been aalll good news for my ride. Derek being the big generous guy he is, not only gave me my first set of rims, but now a new exhaust system, AND an origin aggressive front end! looks like my car is goin all aggressive.. :D Also, I went out and bought myself another set of rims! so i'll be rockin those at 18x9.5 in the rear, and my other 17x7.5 up front. ! And last but not least, i got some isis coilovers! So now all i have to do is get some tires for my rear rims, and make some more cashola to complete the origin aggressive setup. A pic of the new stufff:

Also, since my car is being held hostage at LCG by my dad, i decided to take it out of the shop, wash it, and take it for a spin the other day..which turned out to be.. a little more drifting than i had expected, but i felt confident in my standard driving, so i figured whyy not try some clutch kicking. And yep, just check out the pic up top to see my driftingg haha. Thats about it for now..will throw up some more pics, and write again when i get more parts, or parts on my car! Heres a pic of me and my car to finiissh this off!:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

S'been A While.

Basically havnt written here in a long time due to lack of funds... Was supposed to get some Godspeed coil overs a while ago, but me and my dad had some issues working it out, and now im back to looking around for a good deal. I threw on my front right rim just to see what it looked like, and what i needed exactly to make them work. So far i realize i really need to fill up my tires with air, need some tires for my back rims, and also need some wheel spacers. I took some pics, but dont have my camera on me, so, those will have to come at a later date. I have pretty much decided on the Origin Stylish for a body kit for my car, or something close to it, however that will be comming after the coil overs (hopefully, dad is leaning towards body kit first, but i dont think he realizes how bad a stock height car with a body kit is going to look.) Another delema ive run into, is yet again, what colour to paint my car, i basically knew the exact blue colour i was gonna paint it once it had body kit on and all that, but then a friend of mine bought a 180sx the exact colour i was gonna paint mine..soo... looks like i'll need a new colour. Thats all i can think of for now, pics will be up later

Friday, August 14, 2009

Drift/Photo Sesh

Had a super sick night with Ben, Matt, and Derek tonight. Drove out to Matts place, and decided on going down to a mall to do some drifting and try to get some good photos. Turned out being a super sick sesh, Derek (who i was driving with) did some super sick drifting, clutch kickin, e-brakin our way around poles and all that fun stuff. Matt and Ben also were doing some super solid drivin, All in all a good time. However a few WAAAAA, WAAAAAA, and ERRRCCHHH ERRRCCHH later, super gay security guard comes along to ruin our fun, writin down our plate numbers, so we darted out of there pretty quick and ended up at a small closed off road by a mcdonalds. And strangely enough this is where we started taking pics, (Matt has the camo S14, Ben with the black 180sx, and Derek with the orange and black 240sx)
PS. DEREK. clints friend nicolas metzger was filming in a cop car, for his new movie, and when he was in this cop car on the CB they called the cop in to go down to this place in abbotsford where there "were 3 cars driving in a parking lot making lots of noise drifting" They didnt know the make, or any plate numbers (so the security guard didnt get the plate numbers.) so nicolas filmed him and this cop go try to find these 3 cars drifting in a parking lot! hahah! so lucky.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Rims!

Huge thank you to Derek for getting me my first set of rims! I love em, already started cleaning them up. However, they wont be going on the car anytime soon, I need to put some coil overs on the 240 first because the front rims are to big for the stock 240 suspension. So next on the purchase list: coil overs, then probably a body kit. Anyway, enough writing for now, heres some pics:

Monday, June 22, 2009

New paint

Did some random painting with John today on the car. Painted the door handles black, as well as the front right headlight. Also did a whole cleaning, the most thurough yet. Engine, Interior, Exterior, everything. sparkling clean now. Almost have all the plans for my car worked out by now, just need to know what rims i want to put on it, what size, and where to buy em.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


The red rocket runs! replaced the dead battery, now shes purrin like a kitten. Probably gonna take it out today. see if i can drive standard at all. Very nervous. On a side note, i was thinking last night the same thing as i always do, what the heck should i put on my car first? then i realized i have 2 years until i can drive it, so theres no need me putting in a turbo'd engine when its not gonna get any use. So i figured i would do some cosmetic work (body kit, spoiler, rims, paint, etc.) and practice driving (sideways) on the ka24 till it dies, and hopefully by then i will have my full license, and will have a job and such so i can put the new engine in.

..someone want to give me some ideas as to of what colour to paint my 240, cause at this point i have no freaking clue.